A Pavlova With New Year's Theme


In this section, I wont only be giving you recipes but also begiving you ideas of stylish presentations, tools that you need for these . In short there will be many tips for your kitchen.

This week I have made a New Year's Eve dessert ''Pavlova''. It is really easy to make. I decorate it with red fruits. You can decorate it with any fruit, chocolate or colourful sweets you like. I leave the rest to your own creativity. 



5 egg whites

¼ tea spoon of salt

250gr of powdered sugar

1 dessert spoon of vanilla essence

Cream:250 ml milk

2 egg yolks

1 dessert spoon of vanilla essence

50 gr sugar

20 gr of com starch

20 gr of flour

100 gr white chocolate couverture

100 ml cream

300 gr red fruit

Mint leaves




Heat the oven at 100 C°. Mix the egg whites in wit the salt and whisk for 5 minutes. When it gets shiny, slowly add the powdered sugar and continue whisking. Draw a 25cm diameter of a circle on a baking paper.

Here,you can add a bit of your creativity. You can create your own Pavlova by making your own shape or presentation plate.

(Ialso like making heart shape) Fill in the shape you have drawn with the mix. High and hard tops makes the Pavlova look elegant, so don't try to retouch the shape. Open up a hole in the middle with a spoon to add the cream . Bake in a hot oven for 2 hours.

After its out of the oven, you can again put some cream of your own recipe in the middle. I gave you the recipe of what I mostly make and what most people really like. Warm up the milk, vanilla and sugar. Mix the egg yolks, whisk fast when cooking it. When you take it of from the cooker add the small pieces of chocolate on top. Put it in a large bowl container and close the top with stretch film and let it cool down.

Once its cold, whisk with the cream. Fill the middle of the Pavlova with cream.Add the fruits on top and decorate with mint leaves.


Bon appetit!



Melis Dereboy